14/11/23: I've killed most marquees. They were making my head spin from the sheer quantity of them. This used to be a marquee. I'm also ditching frames. This doesn't mean I don't support abusing outdated markup. It just isn't my vision right now. Please pardon broken links and unfinished pages for now, I've suddenly become a lot more busy than I'm used to. -df
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df's brick wall is a small space for my personal junk and musings. I host my stuff here in lieu of most platforms for reasons of self-preservation. I want to extemporise my thoughts and work without much regard to presentation, consistency, or approval. Shutting myself out of that opportunity lead me to missing a part of myself that I intend to get back. I hope everything I can offer here will be up to snuff.

What is df/bw? For the former, that's usually what I go by online. df, dfbw, Doff, bw, Warren, Wardof, or any variation thereof. I am a twenty-one year old guy who lives in a sleepy peat bog somewhere in the UK. My diet consists of wet wood and acid deposition. I will usually be found napping atop churches per my job as a part-time grotesque. I'm an ex-laboratory lagomorph. I'm made of brick and iron. I hold a profound, ethereal connection with my childhood friend and partner, who is borne of a species most easily described as live malleable polyvinyl chloride dogpeople. I am a loner. I'm stupid for a living.

The "brick wall" is too convoluted for me to do it any justice by word. It only really means something to me, so I don't feel compelled to clarify. It's attached to my name much like you would a pendant or lucky charm.


I'm happy to talk about anything, as long as you're courteous. You can get in touch with me at (double-u dee eff bee double-u nine) (at symbol) (google mail address). Alternatively, you can reach out through Discord. My tag is (dee eff bee double-u) (hash) (five nine nine one) As per their recent change, my username is the same as on here. Don't just add me; let me know what's up first.