About me

Hi, I'm df, dfbw, Doff, whatever you know me by. I'm a rando artist/musician guy from the UK.. I like music a lot. My favourite bands and artists (as of writing this) are The Unicorns, Cardiacs, The Residents, Hood, Throbbing Gristle, Talking Heads, and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 While my taste is boundless and everchanging, I would say those bands/artists have been the most influential in the years that I've been listening to music on a more intimate level. I also like to draw and try to play around with all mediums, but my go-to tools of the trade are stacks of printer paper, off-brand ink pens, and on the digital side of things, a Wacom tablet I've had since 2011, and Krita (it's free and pretty great). You'll be able to see what comes out of all that here.

Fun facts

This page was last updated on: 20 March, 2023.