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web site changelog

16/05/24: DFBW v3.1! Added a sidebar, made everything a little more tidy/compact, palette change. The site feels a lot more homely this way.

08/05/24: 123guestbook is dying come 1st July, so I've switched to virtualobserver's "comment widget", which works perfectly if not better than the former, definitely check it out if you don't want to deal with clunky GB sites that'll probably soon follow. Added more links and descriptions. Tidied home a bit.

11/04/24: Added even more to links page, fully organised.

08/04/24: Done with CSS for now, more additions/revisions to links page.

04/04/24: Further optimised CSS, shifted homepage visuals only slightly. Thank you guys for all the kind emails and messages! I hope my site is enjoyable for the state it's in...

04/03/24: Moved diary to Dreamwidth, added more images to the random images page, moved fanlistings/cliques/other things to homepage.

26/02/24: Created a diary and random images page. Temp link to Edison's page while I work on the character index.

23/02/24: DFBW v3 is here! Something simple yet abundant in its ugly puerility, and I would not have it any other way.. I'm really happy with it. I would say the palette is subject to change (e.g. am I really feeling the blue/yellow coord? My heart wants me to go for something a lot more red/rust in colour). Utilised tables in favour of grids, but this doesn't mean I hate the latter now. Adjusting my site into my current standard is always incredibly therapeutic.. If anyone faces any issues on here or what have you, I'm always available for contact. Going to start on my diary and add my art.

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