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recently the doll's hair grew back when i cut it

Hi, welcome to dfbw.neocities.org. This site is mostly for all of my personal junk, art, ramblings, whatever I feel like adding. If you're into that, I encourage you to take a gander around, you might find something you like. Right now, I don't really have much to offer save for a few pages, duty calls so I barely have time to work on the site. When I have more free time (soon now!), I'll try my hardest to rectify that.

Go Away by Strawberry Switchblade
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you've come to ask me how i am
but i don't want to see you today
you said it was fun but i cannot smile
i just wish that you would go away


Added more stamps to my graphics collection, change layout up a bit, unfinished, will finish tomorrow.


Added a dream diary, slightly altered chatroom.


Added more graphics to my online collection, started my diary, decided I'd like to have a page solely dedicated to rabbits, added buttons to the homepage footer, moved chatroom to homepage and deleted its designated link.


Complete overhaul for my site. Most pages are dormant. I think I'm liking the look of the site so far, but we'll see. I'm not exactly the most decisive person, but I'd like to think I've finally narrowed it all down to one general idea.

This page was last updated on: 22 September, 2023. This site will always be under construction.